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James Gunn’s 8 Weeks in Hollywood Purgatory Ends With a New Job Writing Suicide Squad 2

James Gunn. Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Back in July a right-wing troll surfaced old tweets posted by James Gunn in which he made a bunch of very distasteful jokes about topics like pedophilia. Gunn apologized for his posts, but the dust-up ended with him being fired from his Guardians of the Galaxy directing gig by Marvel. The cast has been clear with Disney about their frustration with the decision, with Dave Bautista being outright furious, but Gunn has landed his next big job with Marvel’s cross-town rival. The Wrap reports that Gunn will now write, and possibly direct, Suicide Squad 2 for Warner Bros., which is quite the plot twist after fans and friends lobbied hard to get him his old job back on Guardians. As of now there is no deal in place to direct, but as THR reports, “talks could proceed depending on the outcome of the scripting process.” Given Gunn’s superhero experience and his preference for the darker side of fun, as evidenced by movies he’s written like Slither and Dawn of the Dead, Squad actually seems like a good match for him. Guardians Vol. 3, meanwhile, still has not attached a new director, but Gunn’s script for it will likely be used. Dave Bautista has already tweeted that he’s ready to jump ship and follow his pal to DC, so keep an eye on that Twitter feed.

James Gunn Reemerges With a New Job Writing Suicide Squad 2