seemed like a good idea at the time

Jennifer Garner Tried to Surprise Peppermint Audience, Ended Up Hiding, Overhearing Their Hot Takes

In true “celebs are just like us” news, Jennifer Garner stopped by Ellen Monday to describe her grand plan to surprise an audience during the opening weekend of her recently released Taken…for Moms! action movie Peppermint. It should go without saying that Garner, much like you would, bailed on the idea at the very last minute, hid in a corner, and eavesdropped on the audience’s hot Peppermint takes as they filed out of the theater. So, basically self-imposed psychological torture.

From the sounds of it, the Camping actress didn’t accidentally overhear any devastating criticisms, which is great! On the other hand, it is possible the audience noticed A-list celebrity Jennifer Garner, in sweatpants, having a panic attack behind a pillar, and kindly waited until they reached the parking lot to really dish it out.

Jennifer Garner Hid, Listened to Peppermint Audience Reviews