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John Oliver Sums Up Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation in Two Tidy Words: ‘Borderline Pathological’

John Oliver. Photo: HBO

Certain late-show chaps aren’t immune to the rise and grind around national holidays, and as much as John Oliver would’ve liked to have a proper long weekend and, we don’t know, take a “vacation,” he has more important things to monologue to us! Preach, you British oracle! Important things, naturally, equate to a scathing rant about the nomination and eventual confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, which Oliver equates to one of the worst moments in our country’s modern history.

“This entire process wasn’t about principle,” Oliver explained. “It was about getting what you want, no matter how you have to do it, or what damage it does to Dr. Ford, to other survivors, or to our fundamental trust in the Supreme Court. It was borderline pathological.” Nothing — Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony, an FBI investigation, or retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens’s criticisms — was going to stop the inevitable.

Just about every Republican you can think of was on the receiving end of Oliver’s wrath — Susan Collins and Mitch McConnell, best not watch — but what makes it worse, Oliver realized, is that it doesn’t matter what he says. “Here’s the thing, it worked,” he continued. “And the Republicans won this week in a big way, and it could take decades to undo the damage. But if you are looking for where to start, November 6 is only a month away.”

John Oliver Mocks ‘Borderline Pathological’ Brett Kavanaugh