Jonah Hill’s Old DJ Name Sounds Like Something From The Incredibles, Says Charlamagne tha God

Jonah Hill
The artist formerly known as Spindrome. Photo: Breakfast Club via Youtube

When director and earnest king of Instagram Jonah Hill was a guest on 105.1’s “Breakfast Club” this week to talk about his directorial debut Mid90s, his friendship with Q-Tip, and his love of rap. The culture of skating is like the culture of rap, Hill said, and he approached it with a similar preciousness. The director says he never really rapped himself, but he did disclose some details about his days as a teen beat-maker. “This is an exclusive. It was bad,” he said. “I didn’t have a rap name, I didn’t have an MC name, but I made a lot of beats. And to be honest, at least my sample game — my diggin’ game — was tight … It’s really embarrassing: It’s Spindrome.”

Hosts DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne tha God looked incredulous. “Spin-drome?” they asked, in unison.

Hill clarified. “Like syndrome, but spin,” he said.

“That sounds like something The Incredibles gonna fight in the third movie,” Charlamagne, ever the honest critic, replied. Sure, it’s not Ansolo, but Spindrome could pop off!

Jonah Hill’s DJ Name Sounds Like It’s From The Incredibles