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Jonah Hill Explains the Origins of His Very Adult 6-Year-Old SNL Character

Ahead of returning to host Saturday Night Live next week (joining the Five-Timers Club) Jonah Hill stopped by Late Night last night. He briefly chatted with Seth Meyers about the origins of his very funny 6-year-old recurring SNL character Adam Grossman. The character was all thanks to a story Bill Hader shared. “In his hometown he went to Benihana and saw a kid, but he didn’t know if it was a 40-year-old man or a 6-year-old kid,” Hill told Meyers. “Bill started doing it as like a mafia Tony Soprano guy — and you were there — and then I started doing him as a Catskills comedian, like super hacky Catskills. And then you, Bill, and I stayed up all night writing it, and we were laughing, and it was one of the joyous memories of my life.” The result:

Jonah Hill Talks the Origins of His 6-Year-Old SNL Character