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Jughead’s Mom and Sister Are About to Stir Things Up in Riverdale Season 3

Gina Gershon Photo: Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

New York Comic Con hosted an epic Riverdale panel at the Hulu Theater in Madison Square Garden on Sunday morning, and it turns out the Jones family Thanksgiving is about to fill out. Jughead Jones will soon be dealing with his mother and sister’s sneaky behavior, as the show has cast veteran actress Gina Gershon as Gladys Jones, Jughead’s mother, and Trinity Likins as his sister, Jellybean “JB” Jones. Gladys is described as a “businesswoman”, which in Jughead’s family means she runs a salvage yard that doubles as a Serpents compound while trading in car parts with the help of a gang of thieving youths. As one does. During the panel, Luke Perry joked that the addition of a new hot parent in Riverdale should reassure fans who worry about Fred Andrews’s unlucky love life. JB, meanwhile, is a cool teen who is super into Black Sabbath and helps her mother run scams to make ends meet, while even running a few of her own. So don’t worry, the riots may be over but nothing in Riverdale will ever be calm.

Jughead’s Mom and Sister Are Coming to Riverdale in Season 3