Justin Bieber’s Sideways Burrito Eating Was a Prank, You Idiots, You Absolute Fools

Just as The Cut’s own Madeleine Aggeler suspected, the Justin Bieber in the recent “Justin Bieber eats a burrito like an alien” viral pic was not the actual Justin Bieber after all. Instead, Youtube pranksters Yes Theory recruited Justin Bieber look-alike Brad Sousa to gently trick America.

As explained in a video posted Sunday, Yes Theory engineered the pic in part to prove a point: “That staging a story, as goofy as it was, can be done much more easily than most people can imagine.” Of course, “easier” still involves flying a Justin Bieber impersonator in from Canada, analyzing video of Bieber, giving your look-alike a hair upgrade and brainstorming the perfect odd scenario to fabricate. That being said…it’s good they depicted Bieber eating a burrito all weird and not, say, stealing a city bus, because we all would have definitely bought it.

Justin Bieber’s Sideways Burrito Pic Was a Prank, You Fools