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Kim Kardashian Admits Kanye’s Pro-Trump Stance Has Its Benefits

Photo: Larry Busacca/MTV1617/Getty Images for MTV

Despite Kanye West and President Trump’s increasingly chummy (and just plain baffling) relationship, West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, has spoken out numerous times about how she doesn’t agree with his political ideology. She previously said, for instance, how she “cried” and “fought” over West’s comments about slavery, and also asserted that West isn’t well-informed about the intricacies surrounding Trump’s administration. However, in a new interview with Richardson magazine, Kardashian admitted the men’s relationship has afforded her opportunities that wouldn’t be otherwise possible, so she’s just going to keep her head down and try to do good.

“I am aware that Kanye speaking out in favor of Trump got me through the door — got him to pick up my call,” Kardashian explained. “I’ve always had different opinions than Kanye. But when I went there, and when I saw what could be done, I realized that I could get more done if I just stayed focused on the issue I was passionate about instead of complaining.” While not directly naming it, Kardashian was referring to her White House meeting with Trump about prison reform earlier this year, where Kardashian plead her case to grant clemency to Alice Johnson — a 63-year-old who was sentenced to life in prison without parole for a first-time, nonviolent drug offense. Trump pardoned Johnson a week later, but not before the meme factory churned out some content to forever immortalize the tête-à-tête.

Kim Kardashian Admits Kanye’s Pro-Trump Stance Benefits Her