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Kimmel Offers a Solution to Kavanaugh, Trump, and Any Other Powerful Man Who Just Needs to Forget

One fun theme that’s emerged in the #MeToo era of everybody realizing there’s all this sexual misconduct going on is this tendency for powerful figures accused of harassment or assault to just “not recall” the specific harassment or assault they’ve been accused of. However, if you’re one of those unfortunate gents who does remember the morally bankrupt stuff you did, Jimmy Kimmel Live! wants to recommend Denietol, a helpful fake pharmaceutical Cary Fukunaga will wish he thought up and included in Maniac. Skip the guilt and self-reckoning. Replace your wrongdoing with sweet, sweet outrage and indignation. Not available at Walgreens, but once someone actually invents it, oh boy, get ready!

Kimmel Has a Solution for Kavanaugh, Men Who Need to Forget