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Laura Benanti’s Melania Trump, the ‘Ghost of Colonialism,’ Checks In From Africa on Colbert

If you want clear answers to big questions, do not look to either Melania Trump or the version of her that appears on Late Night With Stephen Colbert. Midway through her trip to Africa, still dressed as “the ghost of colonialism,” “Melania” (a.k.a. Laura Benanti) checked in with Colbert to provide contradictory answers to the various questions she dodged in her ABC interview. For instance, she promises that she and Trump are “as happy as the day we were wed,” before breaking into a wail, and later adds that people shouldn’t pay too much attention to what she wears, but should definitely note what is written on what she wears. Most of all, look for hard evidence: “I say I support women, but where is the evidence?”

Laura Benanti’s Melania Trump and Her Helmet Visit Colbert