LeBron James Is Reportedly Trying to Make a Friday the 13th Reboot

Photo: Paramount Pictures

Did anyone else hear that? It’s the sound of early-aughts trends creeping into the minds of Hollywood producers. In news initially reported by Bloody Disgusting, LeBron James’s SpringHill Entertainment is in talks with Vertigo Entertainment to develop a reboot of Friday the 13th. James has actually expressed his affinity for the character of Jason Voorhees multiple times on social media, and now that he’s in the Hollywood business, he can just go on and try to make movies about his favorite things. According to additional reporting from Deadline, early meetings with writing and directing candidates are already taking place, and original Friday screenwriter Victor Miller came out on top of a legal battle last month to maintain the rights to the story.

With the smashing success of Halloween this weekend, “early talks” happening around Hollywood about dusting off the slasher icons might suddenly speed up. A remake of Child’s Play started production in September, though franchise creator Don Mancini is not involved, and the one true Freddy Krueger, Robert Englund, said recently that Nightmare on Elm Street is being eyed for a reboot as well. All of which calls to mind the early-2000s warmed-over reboot craze that included two Texas Chainsaws, an Elm Street starring Rooney Mara, and also another Friday the 13th. So pack your bags, everyone. Looks like we’re going back to Crystal Lake.

LeBron James Is Reportedly Trying to Reboot Friday the 13th