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The John Green Looking for Alaska Adaptation Has Finally – Finally! – Cast Its Stars

Hello fellow youths! Photo: Getty Images

After years of languishing in development hell, the adaptation of John Green’s debut novel Looking for Alaska has finished looking for its Alaska (and also its Miles). Green announced today that Kristine Froseth (Apostle) will play the mysterious Alaska, while Charlie Plummer (Lean on Pete, the kidnapped kid in All the Money in the World) will play Miles, a.k.a. Pudge, in the Hulu limited series based on the 2005 novel. It’s taken 13 years to get here, which means at this point the novel itself would probably be old enough to have opinions about how the book is really deep and how the series is going to totally ruin it. Anyway, for the young and young at heart, Green has made it very easy for you to follow the future teen heartthrob stars on Instagram.

Previous adaptations of Green’s books, including The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns, made stars of the likes of Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, and Cara Delevingne (okay she was already pretty famous), so good luck Charlie and Kristine. Green’s latest novel Turtles All the Way Down is also getting a movie adaptation. Just in case this one doesn’t go as well, there are always other feelings to be mined!

Looking for Alaska Adaptation Finally Casts Its Stars