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Martin Scorsese Still Can’t Get Over Vinyl’s ‘Tragic’ Failure

Photo: HBO

In a rare misstep for Martin Scorsese, that Italian septuagenarian dreamboat signed on to executive produce HBO’s Vinyl, a 1970s music-and-cocaine romp that got the ax after one season. (Despite, actually, originally securing a season two renewal. Cruel.) Scorsese lent his directorial chops with the pilot and slowly receded the scope of his power in the subsequent episodes, a decision he now believes set the show up for failure. “It was ultimately tragic for me because we tried for one year,” Scorsese explained at the Rome Film Festival, per THR. “We tried for one year with HBO, but we couldn’t get the creative elements together. It was something that I realized, in order to make it right … I think I would have had to direct every episode and be there for the three to four years.” Scorsese points to Paolo Sorrentino’s stunning The Young Pope as the perfect example of a film director adapting to the landscape of television, primarily because Sorrentino also assumed the role of showrunner.

“If you do it, you do it right like Sorrentino does,” Scorsese explained. “You do everything. You do it all … if you don’t [want to make that commitment], you shouldn’t be making the series.” Or, rather, cast a very hot papal figure.

Martin Scorsese Still Can’t Get Over Vinyl’s Failure on HBO