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It’s Penis Theories Galore In Michael Buble’s Carpool Karaoke

Clicking on this latest installment of Carpool Karaoke would mean a whole lot to Michael Buble, who’s raising awareness for Stand Up to Cancer — a disease that nearly claimed the life of his young son in 2016. With the cancer now in remission, Buble is in great spirits and back to joking around about equally serious, equally substantial matters, such as how surprised he was that his weight fluctuations affected his schlong. “There’s two different Bubles. There’s a fat Buble, and there’s a Hey, I have a record coming out, maybe I should stop eating those Slurpees Buble,” he explained to James Corden. “When you’re smaller, your penis looks bigger. When you’re bigger like that, it’s like a buoy sitting in the middle of an ocean.” Personally, our favorite Buble is Christmas Buble, who will be coming out to play next week.

Michael Buble’s Carpool Karaoke Involves Lots of Penis Talk