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Mike Birbiglia Brought Not One But Two of His Urologists to Jimmy Kimmel Live Last Night

Ahead of making his Broadway debut with his one-man show The New One next month, Mike Birbiglia stopped by last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live in Brooklyn to chat with Kimmel about everything from getting shit on by a bird on his way to the show to living in New York for years to when Jimmy Kimmel told him he cried at the end of The New One. Near the end of the interview, Birbiglia explains that he’s taken some liberties with the truth in The New One, particularly when it comes to having two urologists — Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Fisch — but only writing Dr. Kaplan into the show. This made Dr. Fisch feel a little left out when he saw it during its Off Broadway run, so Birbiglia invited Dr. Fisch and Dr. Kaplan to Jimmy Kimmel Live as his very special guests. Hopefully Dr. Fisch’s brief appearance on a nationally televised late-night show is a fair substitute to a Broadway shout-out — even if, yet again, he’s outshone by Dr. Kaplan.

Mike Birbiglia Brought Both His Urologists to Jimmy Kimmel