Oh Dear, Something ‘Bigger’ Than Death Is Coming to Modern Family


Just when you thought the Dunphy family met its sadness quota for the year, in comes the Grim Reaper’s cousin, Mr. Pathos, to shake things up a little bit more. Following the death of a “significant” Modern Family character in this week’s episode — we won’t say who it was for the sake of spoilers, but you can read about it here — an even bigger tragedy will soon be affecting the show. That is, if you believe cast members Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Sarah Hyland, who let slip what was in the works to THR. “There’s a major thing happening this season. It’s beyond,” Ferguson teased, adding that “it’s big” and “I think you’ll be surprised.” However, Hyland was far more forthcoming, flat-out saying a “bigger thing than the death” will happen and “it was a shock, that’s for sure.” Something bigger than dying, you say? Good luck thinking about what that entails, so we’re just gonna go with “two deaths.”

Modern Family Will Be Hit With Another Huge ‘Shock’