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Neo Yokio Is Returning With a Christmas Special, Toblerone, Holiday Malaise

Twitter, an already weird place, has been made extra strange by the rise of quirky brand accounts. This morning the official account for Toblerone tweeted at the Netflix show Neo Yokio, an anime series from creator Ezra Koenig and starring the voice of Jaden Smith, requesting more episodes. So the Neo Yokio account responded in kind with a teaser for a special holiday episode called “Pink Christmas” that will arrive later this year. If you don’t know why a candy brand would be requesting more episodes of a cartoon in which Jude Law plays a robot butler, you clearly haven’t watched enough Neo Yokio. Based on the brief new clip, Smith’s Kaz Kaan is still locked in a tight battle with his rival Archangelo to be the top bachelor in town, and since Toblerone is making special requests, maybe there will be more cameos by toddler-sized bars of its chocolate.

Neo Yokio Returning With Christmas Special, Holiday Malaise