Netflix Renews BoJack Horseman for a Sixth Season Because Pain Is Endless

BoJack Horseman. Photo: Netflix

You look like you could use some good news. Well, guess what? BoJack Horseman isn’t going anywhere. Netflix announced today that it’s handed out a season-six renewal to Raphael Bob-Waksberg’s animated series, which comes a little over a month after season five premiered on the streaming network.

The show revealed the news on Twitter in a very BoJack-y way:

While Bob-Waksberg told Vulture in September that he’ll continue making the show “as long as there’s a story to tell,” there’s (thankfully) no set plans for when BoJack might come to an end. “I’m not driving towards an endgame because life doesn’t have an endgame. That feels like a dodge, but I do think one of the philosophies of this show is that things aren’t neat and tidy and building towards some supreme, narrative ending,” he said. “Life happens and continues to change, and stories pulse and recede, so I do not have a firm ending in mind. I have had different ideas of possible ways we could leave these characters, but that evolves as the show evolves. I don’t want to get stuck in my plan for what I think the story is, because for me, the beauty of the story is how it keeps surprising me.”

BoJack Horseman Renewed for Season 6 Because Pain Is Endless