Shonda Rhimes Has Big Plans for a Recursion Adaptation at Netflix

Photo: Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images

Shonda Rhimes has that Netflix money now and she is ready to spend it. The streaming giant announced today that Rhimes and Betsy Beers’s Shondaland production company will work with Matt Reeves (who signed a first-look movie deal with Netflix earlier this year) to adapt the novel Recursion by Blake Crouch. But it won’t just be a movie or a show. Rhimes is planning on a feature film as well as a “television universe” for the story Netflix describes as “at once a relentless save-the-world sci-fi thriller, an epic romance, and an intricate police procedural.” The focus of the story is a scientist who pioneers a new technology that lets people “reactivate” and even “reinvent” their memories, allowing them to basically rewrite their personal histories. But it must be kept out of the wrong hands, and there we find the conflict. A strong female lead, romance, crime-solving — Recursion sounds like a real Shonda special, but add science fiction.

Shonda Rhimes Adapting Recursion for Film and TV at Netflix