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Meet the Cast of Westside: It’s a Reality Show, It’s a Musical, It’s a Musical and a Reality Show

Why bother making a show about fictional characters who come to Los Angeles trying to make it and sing a lot when you can just find those people in real life (take that, La La Land!). Netflix’s new reality show Westside follows nine musicians in Los Angeles, intercutting documentary scenes with fully-produced music videos and original songs as the cast tries to put on their own showcase at a nightclub. The cast includes Sean Patrick Murray, Pia Toscano, James Byous, Arika Gluck, Austin Kolbe, Caitlin Ary, Leo Gallo, Alexandra Krekorian, and Taz Zavala. They’re not here to make friends, but they are here to make … harmony! Westside comes to Netflix on November 9.

Meet the Cast of Westside, Netflix’s Musical Reality Show