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Black Mirror Will Reportedly Do an Interactive Episode, Which Feels Right

Photo: Netflix

We already have extremely strong bonds with our TV shows these days, so why not take these relationships to the next level with some participation? Bloomberg reports that Netflix will incorporate an interactive episode into the upcoming fifth season of Black Mirror, which will be their first program targeted at adults to build in the feature. The streamer has been using the choose-your-own-adventure format in some kids’ cartoons already, but what show is more suited to the merging of character and viewer than one about techno-human hybridization and the ways in which technology is consuming our lives? There are no details yet about how complex the narrative options will be, or what the plot of the interactive Mirror episode will look like, but if they’re going to pull viewers in deeper, let’s hope it’s into a nice place — more “San Junipero” for this beta test, less “USS Callister.”

Black Mirror to Do an Interactive Episode, Which Feels Right