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Watch This 5-Minute Aquaman Clip Solely for the Few Seconds Nicole Kidman Wields a Trident

If you’re going to do silly, you absolutely must go all-in on it — no half silliness allowed! In DC’s Aquaman, directed by horror king James Wan, we’ve got Amber Heard’s extremely loud, red Mera wig, Patrick Wilson going full sinister-Assange blonde as the villain Orm, Jason Momoa as the biggest teddy bear guy in the titular role, and the assertion that a lithe Nicole Kidman hooked up with a generic lighthouse keeper and made a Pacific Islander totem of masculinity. None of it makes sense, so therefore, it all makes perfect sense and let’s embrace it. In this clip, Mera and Arthur (Momoa) get into some hot water while searching for the secrets of Atlantis, and there’s a lot of running and fighting and amassing fish armies. But, most important, there’s also about two seconds of Kidman destroying some henchman with her impressive trident combat skills while she wears a sensible button-down. Let’s celebrate joy in the DC universe. Aquaman opens on December 21.

This Aquaman Clip Features Nicole Kidman Swinging a Trident