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The New Pet Sematary Trailer Hopes to Stir Up Your Lingering Trauma From the Original

Almost 30 years after the first film adaptation of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary, dead is still better than the alternative of planting something passed on in a mysterious graveyard forest only to have it return as a dark and festering version of its former self. But some lessons are worth teaching again! This time around Jason Clarke stars as the Creed family patriarch, Louis, and a weathered-looking John Lithgow fills the role of Jud Crandall. (With the state of Maine playing the spookiest supporting actor of them all, naturally.) After the Creeds experience a terrible tragedy, they look to the foreboding cemetery beyond the tree line for desperate solutions, and their choices will bring forth a little slice of hell on earth. The new Pet Sematary opens in theaters on April 5.

The New Pet Sematary Trailer Wants to Re-traumatize You