Weezer Puts Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz Through the Uber Ride From Hell in New Video

As a PSA for why you should never ever opt to pool, no matter how cheap, Weezer have dropped a video for their new Dave Sitek–produced single “Can’t Knock the Hustle” (from that long-rumored Black Album not to be confused with Jay-Z’s — but very funny, guys), which absolutely does knock the side hustle of Uber/Lyft/etc. driving. Instead of Weird Al, this time we get “Rivers Wentz” — or, as you elsewhere know him, Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy — as the poor sucker stuck transporting the world’s most obnoxious, uncourteous backseat passengers. Let’s just say there’s feet sucking and a fork wound involved that makes Insecure’s backseat Lyft brawl look like a joy ride.

Weezer Put Pete Wentz Through Hellish Uber Ride in New Video