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Because Veep Also Takes Place in Hell, Jonah Might Be Running for President

The writers on Veep will have to walk on a knife’s edge to make the show’s seventh and final season feel like a comedic escape from our burning world, and not just a punishing reminder of it. And based on a tweet posted today by showrunner David Mandel, they’ll work toward that goal by … making Jonah Ryan a presidential candidate? Yeah that scans. It looks like Timothy Simons’s hair is fully in character as Jonah stands proudly in front of the big-boy banner for his campaign, and while the citizens of Veep’s America never really win with any of the elected leaders they have, it’s tough to imagine losing harder than having a President Jonah. (At least in the context of the show, that is.)

Oh, No … Is Jonah Running for President in Veep?