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Patricia Clarkson Says Netflix ‘Did the Right Thing’ in Firing Kevin Spacey

Patricia Clarkson. Photo: Rodin_Eckenroth/Getty Images

Even though she appears on the show, like many viewers, Patricia Clarkson wasn’t sure whether House of Cards would return after its star Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual assault last year. “It was nerve-racking just first of all,” Clarkson said of the experience of hearing the news at a premiere event Monday night. “It was deeply egregious behavior that had to be … that Netflix was strong enough and did the right thing and decided that the show would let Kevin go.” Clarkson also commended the work of showrunners Frank Pugliese and Melissa Gibson, who rewrote the series around Robin Wright. “That’s unprecedented, what they did. They did it to save jobs,” Clarkson said. “They did it to go out on a high, to not let one of the best shows on television go out covered in a cloud of controversy, or ickiness.”

Patricia Clarkson: HOC Did ‘Right Thing’ Firing Kevin Spacey