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Sandra Bullock Sure Has a Weird Way of Telling Actors They Got the Role

During the incredible reign of Sandra Bullock’s Rom-Com Era, she starred alongside Harry Connick Jr. in Hope Floats, about a single mother who returns to her Texas hometown to restart her life … and potentially hook up with Connick Jr.’s sexy southern character. (Yes, do it!) As he recalled on this week’s Graham Norton Show, he nearly didn’t get the role in favor of another leading man, but Bullock calmed his nerves with an unusual tactic when they were flying on her private plane. “We get on the plane and I was trying to be coy and not let her know what I was thinking, but I really wanted to know who this other guy was,” Connick Jr. explained. “So I was like, ‘Oh, how did that other guy do? He’s pretty good, huh?’” That’s when Bullock proceeded to take off her shirt, button by button, to relay an important message: “On her stomach was written, ‘You got the part.’

Sandra Bullock Has Weird Way of Congratulating Actors