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Seth Meyers’ SNL ‘Emotional Breakdown’ Played Out Like a Friends Episode

Seth Meyers, that nice man, decided to pack up his things and leave Studio 8H for Studio 8G in 2014, when he got the gig of a lifetime hosting Late Night. That was sad for SNL — have you heard? He’s really funny! — but even sadder for Meyers, who had to go through the five stages of grief when he had to say goodbye for good. “Leaving was incredibly hard. I cried on my last show and then I for real took a job down the hall,” he said in his monologue. “The Late Night studio is 100 yards that way. I had an emotional breakdown and then basically moved from Rachel and Monica’s apartment to Joey and Chandler’s apartment. Which was very emotional for Rachel, so there’s prescience.” Well, if Rachel and Monica ultimately moved back to their apartment, does this mean Meyers will return to SNL in [checks notes] six episodes? Also, who’s the Chick and Duck in this scenario?

Seth Meyers Had ‘Emotional Breakdown’ Leaving SNL