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Seth Meyers Resurrects ‘Really!?!’ to Mock Kanye and Trump a Little Bit Longer

You thought the cold open was all SNL was going to do to make Kanye West and President Trump look like an idiotic duo? Go forth and conquer, Weekend Update! Seth Meyers decided to do a reprise of his beloved “Really!?!” segment because recent diplomatic shenanigans at the White House called for it, but instead of Tina Fey showing up in a pair of Yeezys, Colin Jost and Michael Che filled in to do the roasting honors — and roasting they did. Presented without comment, here are some of Meyers’ most scathing burns that require some aloe vera:

“Don’t you have better things to do? And by the way, when I say that I’m really not sure which of you I’m talking to. The only place those two should meet is in group. They should be in the basement of a church and a dude with an earring and a leather bracelet should be saying, I’m so glad you two decided to come back.

“You know how crazy Thursday at the White House was? Kid Rock was also there and no one cared. It was almost a relief to here someone as reasonable as Kid Rock was in the White House. You know how hard it is to make Kid Rock seem like an adult in a room? His first name is Kid.”

“It is so rare that you can see black people and white supremacists betrayed in the exact same moment.”


SNL Mocks Kanye and Trump Some More With Weekend Update