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Stephen Colbert Missed His Chance at a House of Cards Role of a Lifetime

Sure, Stephen Colbert might be “super busy” and “contractually obligated” to do nothing outside of CBS’s orbit, but Robin Wright has a bone to pick with that fancy late night host, anyway. Because apparently, Wright was keen on having Colbert appear in her final House of Cards season, but the proverbial powers that be just couldn’t make it happen. (Even for Madame President herself. Shame!) “You know, we wanted you on the show,” Wright teased. “You would’ve been so great. I was thinking, wouldn’t it be great if you were to be the press secretary for Claire?” “You wanted me on the show? Did I say no? I take it back if I said no, I say yes,” Colbert responded, leading to a textbook exchange about showbusiness. “I heard a rumor that you wouldn’t audition,” she said. “No, I won’t audition,” he confirmed. And scene.

Stephen Colbert Missed His Chance at Big House of Cards Role