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The Symbiotes Controlling Us All Really Wanted to See Venom, Giving It the Best October Open Ever

Venom. Photo: Courtesy Sony Pictures

Being subsumed by a sentient caramel has some downsides (strained relationship with ex-wife Michelle Williams, having Riz Ahmed as our enemy, harder to brush teeth), but one fun perk of humanity being overtaken by alien parasites is Venom achieving the biggest October opening of all time. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Tom Hardy super-villain movie has gobbled up a domestic box office of $80 million, and a scary-good global total of over $205 million.

Those alien symbiotes not in the mood for action also went to the theater, resulting in A Star Is Born’s expectation-exceeding domestic box office of $42.6 million, with the world turning up with a reported $56.6 million’s worth of love for Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. The films’ combined success helped make this the best October weekend at the movies of all time in North America. All of which suggests the aliens are going to absolutely love the Venom/A Star Is Born crossover film someone is frantically pitching as we speak.

Symbiotes Controlling Us Gave Venom Record October Open