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Thom Yorke Wants to Make Dance As Scary As Possible With ‘Volk’, a New Song From Suspiria

The new Suspiria is not wall-to-wall violence, but there are a few marathon scenes of brutality that are as disturbing as they are visually incredible. They are also intricately connected to dance, and that means any of the teaser tracks you’ve heard from the Suspiria score so far — which will be a double LP of new music from Thom Yorke — are liable to be soundtracking excruciating scenes of human suffering in the movie itself. But isn’t that exactly what a horror film score should be? Luca Guadagnino’s update of the Dario Argento classic debuts in theaters on October 26.

Thom Yorke Releases ‘Volk’, Another Track From Suspiria