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Tilda Swinton, Ethereal Talent, Directed Her Dogs in an Opera Music Video

Tilda Swinton. Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Everything Tilda Swinton does is incredible, from her execution of unforgettable looks, to her dedication to each of the roles she takes on as an actress — and her latest creative endeavor is no exception. Swinton directed a music video for an opera performance of one of George Frideric Handel’s compositions. That’s cool, but the most amazing part about it is that the video is just shots of Swinton’ss three dogs running around a beach on the coast of Scotland. In some frames, you can see the outline of the person behind the camera. But apart from that, the video is just a picturesque edit of her dogs running through water, jumping in the air, and prancing across the sand. Sometimes the dogs have their tongues hanging out as they run, and sometimes they move in perfect unison, directed by Swinton from off-screen.

Tilda Swinton Directed Her Dogs in an Opera Music Video