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Timothée Chalamet Does an Impression of the Douchebag He Promises Never to Become

He loves your beautiful art memes about him and your thinking he’s a dreamboat and your wanting to give him an Oscar, but Timothée Chalamet promises he’ll still never become that guy. “You know the guy,” he laughed on The Tonight Show Wednesday, conveying literally everything with his eyebrows like the true Oscar nominee he is. The type of guy with a deliberate pensive brow look and a self-referential catchphrase like, “I can’t do Photoshop for Chalamet.” You know the type.

And if the Call Me by Your Name star’s huge success at the age of 22 seems like the exact thing that would turn an actor into a total piece of Chalamet, the Beautiful Boy actor reassured fans that his family is keeping him extremely grounded. Like, for example, by getting into a low-key fight at the Oscars about who got to sit next to him during the commercial breaks. Or in their treatment of his acting awards. “They’re all weirdly my mom’s now?” says Chalamet of his various statuettes. “They’re with all my childhood tae kwon do trophies. It’s a very weird thing.”

Timothée Chalamet Does Impression of Guy He Vows Never to Be