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House of Cards Season 6 Trailer: Meet Your Commander-in-Grief

You thought her husband had enemies? House of Cards’ sixth season wastes no time in establishing that just about everyone in Claire Underwood’s orbit (Robin Wright) is planning on doing whatever they can to kick her out of power, much to her maniacal Try me, fuckers delight. “I’m not going to be told what to do anymore. Not by you, or by any man, ever again,” she explains in the official trailer. “Each one of us has to defend our destiny. The first female President of the United States isn’t going to keep her mouth shut.” New D.C. power players portrayed by Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear might low-key be leading this anti-Underwood resistance, and if they don’t play their cards right (har har) they, too, could end up six feet under. The final season will debut on November 2, midterms be damned.

Watch Robin Wright in House of Cards’ Season 6 Trailer