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Good Omens Trailer: It’s Armageddon vs. David Tennant and Michael Sheen!

Welcome to the end times? Amazon, finally allowing us to quench our intense David Tennant and Michael Sheen thirst, has released the first trailer for its upcoming Good Omens series. And if you had “The Trip as religious sci-fi” on your Tonal Bingo Card, we have some good news for you! Discovering that the world as we know is it coming to an end, the unlikely BFFs of a demon (Tennant) and an angel (Sheen) decide they’re too happy hanging on Earth to allow their overlords to spit it into a fiery abyss. (Hey, they like old book shops and restaurants.) What ensues is equal parts buddy comedy and stop-Armageddon drama, which might just turn out to be “the war to end everything.” It’ll be out in early 2019.

Watch the Trailer for Good Omens: New York Comic Con