Michael B. Jordan Got Advice From Will Smith About Handling Dating Rumors

Michael B. Jordan. Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Essence

As Michael B. Jordan is busy being the next Leo DiCaprio–Matt Damon–Denzel Washington–Will Smith–Tom Cruise (he has two blockbusters this year, plus about a dozen projects in development) he’s still figuring out how to answer questions about his personal life. Speaking with (and smoldering on the cover of) Vanity Fair, Jordan discussed persistent Instagram chatter suggesting that he only dates white women, or that he’s gay. “Navigating and learning how to deal with this shit, there’s nobody that really helped me,” he told VF about handling the rumors. He added that he “recently sought advice from Will Smith.”

Jordan doesn’t go into detail about his dating life, but he does say that he’s focused on being Michael B. Jordan, the brand. “These people you see with these legacies, they don’t ever talk about what they sacrificed to get there,” he said. “People think these things just happen. It’s not like that. They give up so much of their personal life, their love life, whatever, this, that, and personal things.”

Will Smith Advised Michael B. Jordan on Handling Gay Rumors