The Zola Movie (Yes, That One) Is Finally, Officially, Definitely Happening

Photo: Robin L Marshall/Getty Images

Back in 2015, an exotic dancer named Aziah Wellsrose documented what she claimed was the true, insane story of one weekend she spent with another dancer and her boyfriend, who was actually a pimp. Known now by her Twitter handle, Zola, she became an internet legend and her story was optioned for a feature film. Now we know who will be playing her on the big screen in Zola — which will be directed by Janicza Bravo instead of James Franco. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it’s Taylour Paige. The actress has mostly done TV work up to this point, but can be seen now in the Matthew McConaughey vehicle White Boy Rick. Die-hard High School Musical fans may also recognize her from the third movie in that series, in which she played a featured dancer in her first screen credit. A fitting start to her career, since she will be a very different sort of featured dancer in her first major film role.

The Zola Movie (Yes, That One) Is Finally Happening