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A24’s Film Catalogue Lands on Kanopy, the Streaming Service You Now Love

Saoirse Ronan in Lady Bird. Photo: Courtesy of A24

Classy little film studio A24 has put almost every one of the movies in its catalogue on the streaming service Kanopy, and before you groan about another subscription you have to buy, take heart! Because Kanopy membership comes free with most library cards. That’s right, you can support good films and libraries at the same time. The service stays free because it partners with universities and those big public institutions that rent out real hard copies of books and things (meaning they have a lot more movies that just the ones in this studio’s catalogue). As of now, Kanopy hosts 72 titles for A24, including First Reformed, The Lobster, Lady Bird, Moonlight, The Witch, and many more. So start programming your winter-break living-room film festival with this coveted collection of pictures. When a FilmStruck closes, a Kanopy opens.

A24’s Film Catalogue Lands on Streaming Service Kanopy