19 More Titles for More Avatar Sequels

Jake and Neytiri, of course. Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

This week, the world finally stopped holding its breath, as the BBC revealed what it says are the official titles for the four forthcoming Avatar sequels: Avatar: The Way of Water, Avatar: The Seed Bearer, Avatar: The Tulkun Rider, and Avatar: The Quest for Eywa. Those movies will take us into 2025 — but what about after that? To aid James Cameron in his quest to only make Avatar movies until the end of his natural life, we have provided 19 more helpful titles for more Avatar sequels:

2 Avatar 2 Furious

Avatar: Avatoo!

George R.R. Martin’s Avatar 9: Because Anything But the Final Game of Thrones Book

Avatar: Return to Pandora, No, Not the App

Avatar: Return of What’s-His-Name and Who’s-Her-Face

Avatar and the Four Realms

Avatar: Kate Winslet’s Here This Time

Avatar: Here We Go Again!

Avatar: Once Again Not That Animated Series

Avatar: The Return of Nanette

Avatar Ventura: Pet Detective

Avatar: Papyrus’s Revenge

Av-a-tar? I’ll Av ALL the Tars!

Avatar: Blue Is the Warmest Color

Avatar: This Time We Show the Sex Stuff

Avatar: Remember, They ‘Do It’ With Their Weird Hair Thing

Avatar: Please Visit Pandora in Disney World. Please, We Spent So Much on It

Avatar: Probably Worse Than the First One But Who Even Remembers at This Point

Avatar: Oops, We Still Kept Ruining the Environment Anyway, Sorry, James

19 More Titles for More Avatar Sequels