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The Bachelor Season 23 Trailer Wants to Remind You That Colton Underwood, Virgin, Is a Huge Virgin

As laid out in its first trailer, The Bachelor Season 23 sets out to find love for Colton Underwood, former Bachelorette contestant, Bachelor in Paradise participant, and one-time San Diego Charger. On a barely related note, Colton is also a virgin, a fact that will probably play virtually no role in the upcoming season. Just kidding! The Bachelor is clearly thrilled to have a jacked, emotional virgin at its disposal, and they are milking his virginity for all it’s worth, whether that entails dispatching Chris Harrison to remind Colton that he could, at any second, have sex for the first time, or saying things like, “So, I have not dated a virgin since I was 12,” right to his handsome face. At one point, Colton must launch himself over a security gate to escape the constant onslaught, which he can do, because as mentioned before, he is jacked. The Bachelor Season 23 premieres January 7. Virgin.

Bachelor Trailer: Did You Know Colton Underwood Is a Virgin?