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Barbra Streisand, Who Really Should Not Be Driving, Does Carpool Karaoke

In today’s act of bravery, James Corden risked life and limb for a very special episode of Carpool Karaoke. Normally, its Corden taking celebrities for a spin, but when he finds his car with a boot on it, this time, it’s Barbra Streisand to the rescue! A dubious choice, considering Babs admittedly failed her written test three times when she had to renew her license last year and her mind has been, erm, “twirling” as of late. Truly, she’s a danger to society on the road, but it’s fine. If Corden’s gonna die, let it be knowing he got to hear the Barbra Streisand rap (!) some (!) Cardi B (!) in his presence. You’re already in heaven by then, anyway.

Barbra Streisand Does the Driving in This Carpool Karaoke