This Election Day Broad City Asks, How Do You Say ‘Piss Play’ in Russian?

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer’s fifth and final season of Broad City doesn’t return until late January, but you can get your fill with a new Hack Into Broad City episode that they released today just in time for the midterms. In the short clip, Abbi and Ilana get into Election Day spirit by — what else — learning some helpful Russian phrases about latkes, being a powerful woman, and, of course, urinating on people. “If I’m going to successfully infiltrate Russia, I’m gonna have to be able to speak the language to seduce a cultural influencer,” Ilana explains. “Plus, you know how dictators love their piss play.” And if the phrase “piss play” doesn’t encourage you to vote today, what will!?

Broad City Celebrates Election Day by Learning Russian