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Overachiever Alert: Comedian Joe Kwaczala Released 31 Videos in One Day

Joe Kwaczala. Photo: YouTube

It’s not easy to get noticed for your comedy videos these days considering there’s so much competition out there, so Los Angeles–based comedian and ClickHole contributor Joe Kwaczala decided to approach things a little differently. When Kwaczala turned 31 earlier this year, he decided to start working on 31 videos alongside director Daniel J. Clark and producer Liz Maupin, and rather than releasing them one at a time over the course of the past six months, he had a better idea: Why not release all 31 videos in one day?

That’s exactly what happened on Kwaczala’s Twitter feed, YouTube channel, and personal website all throughout the day today in a project called “31 for 31.” Every 15 minutes, Kwaczala released a new video, and even more impressively, he produced all of the videos with no budget. It’s got a little bit of everything: footage from live shows, a unique take on NBC’s 2015 miniseries The Slap, an Oliver Platt–themed ASMR video, a retro MTV bumper, a terrible podcast featuring stand-up Beth Stelling, an expired jar of salsa voiced by Tim Robinson, a very serious show about stand-up comedians, a Pittsburgh translation of Call Me by Your Name, and tons more. Here are just some of the videos Kwaczala released today:

The Slap Remake

Charlie - Official Theatrical Trailer

Call Me By Your Name: Pittsburgh Translation

Joe Kwaczala: Radio Contest Winner

A Comedian’s Process: Jay Christopher

Joe’s One-Bedroom: The Fridge

The Mix-Up Podcast w/ Beth Stelling

ASMR | In the Garden with Nonu

NPR Itty Bitty Bathroom Concert - Cheat the Heathens

Downtown LA

1992 MTV Bumper

MB Trivia App

The Man Who Lives in the Trash


Impressive, right? Perhaps you have the urge to congratulate Kwaczala on his extraordinary accomplishment — thankfully, he’s gone and done the work for you by creating the perfect video you can send to him:

Check out Kwaczala’s Twitter thread for the full collection of videos.

Comedian Joe Kwaczala Released 31 Videos in One Day