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Doctors Reveal Their Greatest Mistakes: The Sweet Spot for New Creators

Written and directed by Cameron Wyllie and Carson Pinch for their fledgling Turbo Gulp channel, Doctors Reveal Their Greatest Mistakes is precisely why this column exists. Not to shed light on fake doctors’ mistakes, but to give a platform to new creators still fighting for every view they get. Also, in this case, to shed light on fake doctors’ mistakes.

Like so many others before them, Turbo Gulp is featured today because it’s found the sweet spot for new creators. In engineering a simple, smart piece with jokes that are as well-crafted as they are surprising and specific, Wyllie and Pinch have taken the first step toward carving out a niche in what has become a cannibalistic digital video ecosystem.

Featuring Allie Entwistle, Matthew Schmid, Brian Allen Mitchell, and Ann Marie Grace as repentant doctors, the PSA elevates a familiar setup with melodic one-liners like, “On my first day, I was too shy to ask where my parking spot was, so I drove my Kia Sportage [spor-taj] right into the hospital,” and “… I looked down at my patient’s face, and it’s not my patient at all … it’s a Pepsi machine.”

At the time of publication, this is Turbo Gulp’s only video to crack triple digits (let alone the 1,800-plus that Doctors has), but they’ve got others that deserve a look.

So, go on, have one. Keep internet-video hope alive.

Luke is the executive producer at Big Breakfast and a watcher of many web videos. Send him yours @LKellyClyne.

Doctors Reveal Their Greatest Mistakes