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Oh My, Matthew Rhys Has Muttonchops in This Death and Nightingales Trailer

The BBC has spun its British Period Drama bingo cage, and with its latest iteration, we’re being blessed with [spins] Matthew Rhys portraying [spins] a borderline-abusive landowner in 1885 who [spins] exclusively dons muttonchops and an Irish accent. Consider us chuffed! So begins the plot of the mini-series Death and Nightingales — adapted from Eugene McCabe’s novel — which revolves around the landowner’s 20-something stepdaughter who strives to do more than live on their farmland. Enter Jamie Dornan’s dashing gent to (potentially) save the day and wreak some Victorian havoc, but who knows. Hello, American networks, are you listening? Pick! Up! This! Show! If you did it with The Wine Show, you can repeat history!

Death and Nightingales Trailer: Matthew Rhys Has Muttonchops