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New Detective Pikachu Trailer: He’s Sassy, He’s Soft, He Loves Coffee, and He Hates Crime

Imagine this: Pikachu, that cute Pokémon you love, except now he’s voiced by Deadpool, made of some haunting feltlike CGI, and employed as some sort of sleuth. The latest trailer for Detective Pikachu, that movie we can no longer pretend is fake, is here. It’s about a kid (Justice Smith) whose dad goes missing and who teams up with a Pikachu (the titular detective Pikachu) to track him down and ends up caught in a vast urban conspiracy that Murakami surely wishes he could have written. The movie also stars Kathryn Newton, Ken Watanabe, and Rita Ora, and the trailer introduces a truly nightmare-fuel version of Mewtwo. Detective Pikachu will Pokémon go to movie theaters May 10. Watch the first trailer below.

New Detective Pikachu Trailer: He Loves Coffee, Hates Crime