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Watch the Self-Aware Felt Acid Trip That Is the Detective Pikachu Trailer

Imagine this: Pikachu, that cute Pokémon you love, except now he’s voiced by Deadpool, made of some haunting felt-like CGI, and employed as some sort of sleuth. Detective Pikachu, that movie we can no longer pretend is fake, is here, and apparently it’s about a kid (Justice Smith) whose dad goes missing and who teams up with a Pikachu (the titular detective Pikachu) to track him down and ends up caught in a vast urban conspiracy Murakami surely wishes he could have written. The movie also stars Kathryn Newton and Ken Watanabe, and the trailer introduces of a slew of Pokémon including Mr. Mime and Charizard, each of which will give you a new specific kind of nightmare. Detective Pikachu will Pokémon go to movie theaters May 10.

Trailer: Meet the Felt Acid Trip That Is Detective Pikachu