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Oh Good, Dr. Evil Stopped by The Tonight Show Ahead of the Midterm Elections

Why, Jimmy Fallon couldn’t tousle this guy’s hair if he tried! Dr. Evil is as bald as a newborn baby, but for the love of God, don’t let him kiss yours on his congressional campaign trail as the Eviltarian candidate. He’ll turn him or her right evil, as is his want. And while the Austin Powers villain might have lost out on that Supreme Court justice position, he’s pretty sure he has a chance at winning a seat this year. “It’s 2018. Evil’s in, right? It’s hip,” the Mike Myers character coos, “It’s like playing Fortnite while slamming a Tide Pod and doing the Shiggy Challenge.” But don’t crack open those Tide Pods just yet! You still have to vote tomorrow! Then, after that, hey, you gotta do you.

Dr. Evil Stops by Tonight Show Ahead of Midterm Elections