FilmStruck May Not Be Completely Dead

FilmStruck, everyone’s favorite cinephile streaming service, may be returning from the dead. Although, like the ghostly wife in Andrei Tarkovksy’s Solaris (1972), it might not be in a form we’re entirely comfortable with. Classic cinemaheads despaired when WarnerMedia announced it would be shuttering the Criterion-heavy service November 29. But Deadline is now reporting that the media behemoth is caving to pressure from filmmakers such as Steven Spielberg, Alfonso Cuarón, and Barbra Streisand. WarnerMedia will offer a FilmStruck-esque site in a package of branded streaming services, proposed for next winter. The directors’ cris des coeurs may speed things up a bit, but film buffs are still going to have wait like Miss Havisham in David Lean’s Great Expectations (1946).

WarnerMedia Might Save FilmStruck