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Jim Carrey Breaks Down His Favorite Anti-Trump Drawings

Photo: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for New York Magazine

Jim Carrey has been an enthusiastic, colorful detractor against the Trump administration on social media for over a year now, so much so that he admitted his management wasn’t thrilled when he decided to dedicate his Twitter to anti-establishment drawings in favor of, say, silly jokes. Since then, rarely a day goes by without a fresh artwork of our president as Godzilla or Lindsey Graham looking like a demented mongoose. But as Carrey reminded us during his panel at this year’s Vulture Festival, his 280 character-limit rarely affords him the opportunity to fully expound on the inspiration or backstory behind his work. Lucky for us, Carrey chose four of his favorite Trump drawings to discuss in detail — and let us tell you, they are suggestive!

“This is something I woke up, I saw. I was struck by Trump doing something about being Christian and I was just sickened by it and I just thought of every insulting, challenging, selfish, indulgent word he says as another nail in the hand of Jesus on the cross, because it is exactly the opposite of what he was supposed to be teaching us. Whether you think he’s a deity or a teacher, or if he even existed at all. The Christian right has never been about morality, it’s always been about holding on to power and using morality to do so.”

“We’ve got the trademarked T on the high-chair. He’s got to label everything with the T — for tit, for tyrant. I see him as an underdeveloped human being who’s just completely lost and he thinks the way to do business is to come and kick you in the face…and then when you start to heal and you just give him another chance, he’s being nice now. I’m sickened by the fact that people are still on television on the news saying, If he could just be presidential. He’s a bad guy, he’s the guy you fear. You don’t want him coming into your house in the middle of the night, doing things to your woman and stealing your money. I see him as a child.”

“This is my Halloween drawing. To me, the right is a cyclops, it sees in two dimensions. What can I have, what can I get, how can I fuck these people and get it? To me that’s a very narrow field of vision to live in, so I depicted Trump as a cyclops on Halloween because there’s no perception going on there…if there’s enough snowflakes, it creates a blizzard and that’s what we’re going to do…you’ve got to get rid of these guys, these are criminals.”

“Well, I was stuck by the insincerity of Mike Pence. His face is the most insincere thing I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s truly the face of absolute insincerity. Its absolutely stunning to me. He’s squinting his eyes like this and trying to look like he loves you. He so cares about you. It’s a hospitality face — What can I do to help you? Let me hold your wallet and I’ll help you out here. He is so disgusting to me, I can’t believe it. That’s him trying to sell us the idea of Space Force. Not since Saturday morning cartoons, you know what I mean? Is Space Ghost going to be there? The Jetsons?”

Jim Carrey Breaks Down His Favorite Anti-Trump Drawings